Investing Today for Tomorrow

The blog site was created with the intent to inform and educate the beginner and intermediate investor like yourself and bring you closer to what is known as a sophisticated investor status. To clarify what I mean by a new and intermediate investor you need to know the following: the two investors mentioned are those that just invest in their company’s pension scheme, have investment schemes such as 401(k)’s – 403(b)’s – IRA’s, Super Annuation Plans, annuities, CD’s, Bonds, Mutual Funds, stocks, etc. In a word their investments are in one asset class; in the examples above, they are just in paper assets. They listen to people on the money programs that tell them that diversification is to have stocks in different industries to be diversified. This is not true diversification. True diversification is across all asset classes As we will discuss further in the blog. So get your pencils/pens/paper/PC or tablet ready to take some notes to explore true investing across all four asset classes and why our economy is in the dumper right now for many people and how you can try and not become a victim of it.

Here is the site with further information as to why our economy is in trouble:


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